To the Management of Crimson Hotel:

Please educate your staff, especially your security guards, on how to treat your guests. My colleague, a Filipina and fellow Bisaya based in our headquarters in Maine, USA who is here in Lapulapu for a company business trip had a very frustrating experience with one of your guards. The guard repeatedly asked her for two consecutive days her room number. On the second day (which is earlier today), after having her breakfast, the guard asked her why she did not sleep in her room. This is very perplexing, very alarming, and very unfortunate that guests are being asked this way. Do we sense a discrimination to Filipinos by fellow Filipinos here? Is that your standard procedure in treating your guests? Hearing her relate the experience to us early this morning made me cringe on the thought of checking in to your hotel. I would definitely and highly recommend to my family and friends NOT to make reservations or even thought of staying in this hotel.

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